Trump Threatens New Trade Penalties, but It Could Be a Hard Bargain

President Trump said on Monday that the United States would soon announce a “reciprocal tax” on countries that take advantage of the United States on trade, including trading partners he described as “so-called allies.” “They’ll send in their product, and we won’t charge them anything,” the president said during a meeting with mayors and governors to discuss his proposal for rebuilding American infrastructure.

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As China Marches Forward on A.I., the White House Is Silent

In an echo of plans laid out by the Obama administration, China’s government said it intended to significantly increase long-term funding for A.I. research and develop a much larger community of A.I. researchers.

Last summer, China unveiled a plan to become the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, challenging the longtime role of the United States. SAN FRANCISCO — In July, China unveiled a plan to become the world leader in artificial intelligence and create an industry worth $150 billion to its economy by 2030.

Fox News -
Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan

 President Donald Trump on Monday will unveil his long-awaited infrastructure plan, a $1.5 trillion proposal that fulfills a number of campaign goals, but relies heavily on state and local governments to produce much of the funding.

The administration's plan is centered on using $200 billion in federal money to leverage local and state tax dollars to fix America's infrastructure, such as roads, highways, ports and airports.

New York Times -
Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: Modest Federal Incentives, Facing Long Odds

President Trump on Monday will propose offering $100 billion in federal incentives to encourage cities and states to invest in road, bridge and other building projects, the centerpiece of a plan to spur $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending over the next decade without devoting significant federal money.

The proposal, to be unveiled the same day as Mr. Trump’s 2019 budget, faces long odds on Capitol Hill, where members of both parties — particularly Democrats — are skeptical of any plan that fails to create a dedicated new funding stream to address the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

NBC News -
Trump building plan to ask states for big bucks

Now, the administration sees "a significant amount of overlap in terms of the objectives" between the White House plan and other ideas floated by Democrats, though the official said that "there's obviously a disagreement of the best way to get to those objectives."

The administration has pushed for public-private partnerships to spur infrastructure action across the United States, even as NBC News has reported that Trump himself is waffling on the funding idea.

CBS News -
Trump infrastructure plan relies mostly on funding outside the federal government's control

There's one major hole in the White House's proposal, Mr. Trump's plan relies almost entirely on funding from entities outside the control of the federal government.

President Trump is planning to announce a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan Monday, unveiling the administration's long-awaited proposal aimed at rebuilding the nation's dilapidated roads, bridges and other components that have fallen into disrepair.

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