Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, backs off aggressive marketing amid lawsuits

Now says it will back off aggressive marketing techniques, no longer sending sales representatives to doctors offices to push opioids.

While Purdue said they now want to be part of the solution, and denies any wrongdoing, sources tell CBS News that Purdue was already wearing out its welcome in doctor's offices, and had moved on to targeting insurance companies and other parts of the health care system to drive sales of OxyContin.

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Wall Street Jurnal -
Purdue Pharma to Stop Promoting OxyContin to U.S. Doctors

Privately held drug company Purdue Pharma LP said it would stop promoting OxyContin and other opioids to doctors, 22 years after the painkiller linked to widespread addiction hit the U.S. market.

Drug company to cut U.S. sales force by more than 50%; remaining sales representatives to market non-opioid products

Fox News -
OxyContin maker says it will no longer market opioid to doctors

In a surprise reversal, the maker of the powerful painkiller OxyContin said Saturday that it will stop promoting opioid drugs to doctors.

The company's statement said it eliminated more than half its sales staff this week and will no longer send sales representatives to doctors' offices to discuss opioid drugs. Dr. Andrew Kolodny, director of opioid policy research at Brandeis University and an advocate for stronger regulation of opioid drug companies.

DW -
OxyContin maker to stop promoting opioids

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP said on Saturday that it had slashed half its sales force and would stop dispatching sales representatives to physicians' offices to discuss its opioid drugs.

Andrew Kolodny, director of opioid policy research at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, told the Associated Press that although Purdue's decision to stop marketing the drug is helpful, it won't make a major difference unless other opioid drug companies follow suit.

NBC News -
OxyContin maker to stop promotions amid epidemic

Purdue Pharma, the company best known for selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin, announced on Saturday that they would stop marketing opioid drugs to doctors.

The move comes amid a series of state and municipal lawsuits that blame the company for contributing to the opioid epidemic. Purdue has faced criticism for more than a decade that it has aggressively and irresponsibly pushed the sale of its drug OxyContin.

The Guardian -
OxyContin maker will stop marketing opioids to doctors, company says

The maker of the powerful painkiller OxyContin said it would stop marketing opioid drugs to doctors, bowing to a key demand of lawsuits that blame the company for helping trigger the current US drug abuse epidemic.

OxyContin has long been the world’s top-selling opioid painkiller, bringing in billions in sales for privately-held Purdue, which also sells a newer and longer-lasting opioid drug called Hysingla.

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