Dazed Californians brace for more 'extreme fire behavior' as death toll rises to 34

Taken together, the death toll exceeds the number of fatalities in the 1933 Griffith Park Fire in Los Angeles, the deadliest wildfire in California's history, killing 29.

The combination of strong winds, dry air and warm temperatures will create "critical fire weather conditions" and "contribute to extreme fire behavior," the National Weather Service warned. Red flag warnings for gusty winds and low humidity remain in effect across the fire areas and much of northern California and parts of Southern California due to the dry air and more than 40 mph winds.

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Friday 02:28 GMT
Death toll climbs in California wildfires

The number of people confirmed dead in wildfires sweeping northern California has climbed to 29, as officials warned that conditions would worsen.

The updated casualty figures mean the wildfires are the deadliest in California since 1933, when 29 people died in fires at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Strong winds that have fanned the flames eased in recent days, but forecasters warned they were set to pick up again on Friday night.

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California fires: Firefighters gain ground but death toll keeps rising

California firefighters have reported modest gains as they try to tackle the deadly blaze that has transformed the state's wine country into a barren wasteland.

Firefighters reported that they had made progress in combating the fires and had begun marking containment lines around the perimeter of some of the blazes.

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