Expect to pay more for lots of stuff if Donald Trump dissolves NAFTA

U.S. President Donald Trump just might pull the plug on the North American Free Trade Agreement, leaving the entire continent’s state of trade in flux – while possibly driving up costs for Canadian consumers on a slew of goods from cars to groceries.

READ MORE: Stephen Harper convinced Trump not bluffing about pulling the plug on NAFTA. Considering Canada and the U.S. have been operating under a trade agreement including Mexico for nearly a quarter century, however, many of the goods crossing between Canada and the U.S. include parts from Mexico.

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Justin Trudeau heads to Mexico after Trump says it’s ‘possible’ NAFTA agreement won’t be met

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading to Mexico Thursday as tensions between leaders involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation grows.

Donald Trump hints at bilateral trade with Canada as Justin Trudeau visits White House. During the discussions, Trump raised the possibility of a bilateral deal between Canada and the U.S. and completely getting rid of NAFTA if a three-way deal cannot be reached.

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