Israel fires on Hamas targets after rocket attacks

Israel has said its aircraft have hit Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from the Palestinian enclave.

The army said the targets included a rocket manufacturing site, a naval post described as a weapons depot and an office complex in Gaza City that the military said was the headquarters for Hamas' militant activities. Gaza Health Ministry officials said a couple was injured when their house in the southern town of Rafah was damaged.

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Israeli military says 2 rockets fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets toward Tel Aviv late Thursday, the Israeli military said, marking a significant escalation that raised the likelihood of a harsh Israeli reprisal.

It marked the first time that Tel Aviv, some 80 kilometres north of Gaza, has been targeted by rocket fire since a 2014 war with Gaza militants. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rushed to the military headquarters in Tel Aviv and was conferring with senior army officials about a response.

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