Factbox: Facing Brexit delay, what is happening in UK parliament on...

British lawmakers will vote on Thursday on a government proposal setting out what Prime Minister Theresa May says are the options on how long to delay Brexit.

This amendment, submitted by Labour lawmaker Chris Bryant, seeks to prohibit the government from asking parliament to vote on May’s exit deal for a third time, citing parliamentary convention that the same question should not be asked of lawmakers more than once.

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2) Parliament agrees that if lawmakers approve a divorce deal by March 20, the government will seek to agree “a one-off extension” until June 30 to pass legislation needed to smooth Britain’s departure from the EU.. 3) Parliament notes if it has not approved a divorce deal by March 20, then it is “highly likely that the European Council at its meeting the following day would require a clear purpose for any extension, not least to determine its length, and that any extension beyond 30 June 2019 would require the United Kingdom to hold European Parliament elections in May 2019”.

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