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Savannah says 'no more' to smooching soldiers in St. Patrick's Day Parade

Saturday 11:48 GMT

Brian Counihan once received those kisses as a cadet in the 1970s, but as this year’s parade chairman, he said it’s time to smudge the smooching for good.

For more than 40 years, spectators at one of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parades have darted into the street to peck passing soldiers. But this month, Savannah’s parade committee announced that tradition is not to be continued, sparking frustration from longtime residents.

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Court ruling can’t stop market forces pushing for the fiduciary rule

Saturday 15:27 GMT
Source: CBS News

Firm that helped Trump's campaign harvested 50 million Facebook profiles

Saturday 22:45 GMT
Source: Global News

Alan Cross’ weekly music picks: From new Snoop to new Stone Temple Pilots

Saturday 08:06 GMT
Source: New York Times

Fight to Control Office That Roots Out Corruption in New York Schools

Saturday 15:27 GMT
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How Real-Estate Agents Get the Best Homes—for Themselves

Saturday 08:05 GMT
Source: New York Times

Court Overturns Obama-Era Rule on Retirement Planners

Saturday 08:05 GMT
Source: CBS News

Mandy Moore shares the story behind her engagement ring

Saturday 15:27 GMT
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Newfoundland polar bears damage hot tub, snowmobiles on early trek north

Saturday 11:46 GMT
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Mike Pompeo doesn't like the Iran nuclear deal

Thursday 17:18 GMT
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Trump tells donors Democrat Conor Lamb won Pennsylvania because he's "like Trump"

Friday 12:43 GMT
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Trump names TV personality Larry Kudlow his top economic adviser

Thursday 18:13 GMT
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Nepal plane crash: Confusion between pilot, airport may have caused deadly incident

Wednesday 16:24 GMT
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The world saw Stephen Hawking as an oracle. In fact, he was wonderfully human

Friday 13:39 GMT
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Donald Trump’s Teflon presidency is wearing thin

Friday 06:06 GMT
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Republicans hint at recount in Pennsylvania congressional race, with odds against them

Friday 12:42 GMT

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