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FBI's Florida gaffes compound agency's image problem

Today 00:36 GMT

The FBI, which has been a frequent target of criticism from the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers, now faces additional scrutiny after admitting Friday that it botched a tip that could have averted Wednesday's massacre in Parkland, Fla.. America’s top law enforcement agency said it failed to act on information that alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz had a “desire to kill people,” had written a series of alarming social media posts and had access to a gun.

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The charges Mueller could have brought but didn't

Saturday 20:55 GMT

Or the benefit to prosecutors here could be that the broad description of allegations will help investigators get broader discovery, even if it's not likely that the defendants will ever stand trial in the U.S.. Ultimately, the indictment does not clear Trump or his team by omission, and there is every indication that more indictments could be forthcoming.

One important inference to be drawn from the indictment: Mueller's team doesn't feel the need to include specific counts alleging violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) to obtain an indictment against these Russians.

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Kelly makes changes to White House security clearance process after abuse allegations against top aide

Saturday 20:56 GMT

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, under pressure over his handling of allegations of domestic abuse against a top aide, has approved an overhaul of how the White House manages security-clearance investigations, acknowledging missteps but putting the onus on the FBI and the Justice Department to now hand-deliver updates and provide more information.

The White House has struggled over the past week to explain how the security clearance process worked in Porter’s case and when top officials were informed about the allegations against him, offering shifting explanations of what occurred.

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Source: ABC News

Russian foreign minister dismisses US election indictment

Today 00:37 GMT

Russia's foreign minister said Saturday that the U.S. indictment of 13 Russians accused of an elaborate plot to disrupt the 2016 presidential election is "just blabber."

Asked about the indictment at the Munich Security Conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov replied: "I have no response. The federal indictment brought Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller represents the most detailed allegations to date of illegal Russian meddling during the campaign that sent Donald Trump to the White House.

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Trump vowed to end 'this American carnage' – but the attacks keep happening

Today 00:37 GMT

“Beginning on January 20 2017, safety will be restored,” Donald Trump vowed as he accepted the nomination as the Republican candidate for president.

Gun control groups have new force behind their argument – the same argument Trump made in his inauguration speech – if your elected officials can’t protect you, replace them.

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The stock market’s new ‘wall of worry’ is built on inflation and rate fears

Saturday 22:46 GMT

The U.S. stock market on Friday posted one of its best weekly performances in years, recapturing half of the losses from the startling market correction earlier this month and discovering a new “wall of worry” to climb.

New York Federal Reserve Bank President William Dudley is slated to speak on Thursday, while Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta Mester and San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams have speaking engagements on Friday.

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Source: New York Times

As Ramaphosa Hails a ‘New Dawn,’ South Africans See More of the Same

Today 00:36 GMT

Refiloe Mapanya had closely followed the tumultuous changes in South Africa’s leadership in recent days: a political knife fight inside the long-governing African National Congress that brought to power President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Immediately after he was sworn in as South Africa’s president on Thursday, Mr. Ramaphosa, who had served as Mr. Zuma’s deputy for more than three years, began trying to change perceptions.

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Source: Fox News

DACA Deal: GOP should join Trump in demanding real immigration reform in exchange for any amnesty

Saturday 03:20 GMT

President Trump was right to demand Wednesday that new immigration legislation provide at least $25 billion to secure our southern border, end chain migration that allows legal immigrants to bring their extended families to the U.S., and end a diversity lottery system that gives preferential treatment to immigrants from nations that send few people to America.

Nonetheless, an amnesty for a real reform deal – far more generous than the one President Trump campaigned on and more generous than one I would personally support – is one that most conservatives can accept.

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Source: Washington Post

South Korean president says Olympics have lowered tensions with North

Today 00:36 GMT

In a visit Saturday to this Winter Olympics host city, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the Games have helped to lower tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and he expressed hope that the rapprochement would “lead to dialogue between the United States and North Korea.” “There have been many achievements in advancing inter-Korean talks,” Moon said, “and I hope that this will lead to an improvement in inter-Korean relations, and not only inter-Korean relations, but I also hope — and we also believe that there has been, slowly but gradually, growing common sense for the need of dialogue between the United States and North Korea.”

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Source: Global News

South Korea spending millions to bring North Koreans to the Olympics

Saturday 11:47 GMT

According to South Korea’s Unification Ministry, that’s the record amount the country has allotted to pay the bills of more than 400 North Koreans, only 22 of whom were athletes, at the Pyeongchang Games.

“The North Korean delegation’s participation in the 2018 Olympics will be an opportunity for co-operation and reconciliation between the North and South,” South Korea’s Unification Ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday that included the cost figure.

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Source: NBC News

Five Chinese military innovations that threaten U.S. dominance

Today 00:37 GMT

Damir Sagolj / Reuters file. BEIJING — The Chinese New Year began with the traditional lighting of firecrackers on Friday, but the country's military has been working on incendiaries on an entirely different scale.

"The U.S. no longer possesses clear military-technical dominance, and China is rapidly emerging as a would-be superpower in science and technology," said Elsa B. Kania, an adjunct fellow at the Center for a New American Security, a Washington think tank. The Chinese People's Liberation Army "might even cut ahead of the U.S. in new frontiers of military power," she added.

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'Get back in here!' Sandy Hook lessons spared lives in Florida...

Saturday 23:41 GMT

(Reuters) - As soon as she heard “Code Red Lockdown” on her radio in a Florida high school library, Diana Haneski remembered how a fellow librarian saved lives by locking 22 people in a supply closet during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. “She was there that day in Sandy Hook and because of her I knew what to do,” said Haneski, 57, a library media specialist at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a former student is charged with shooting dead 17 people on Wednesday.

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Source: Reuters

Skeleton: South Korea crowns 'Iron Man' Yun as skeleton emperor

Saturday 08:58 GMT

The coronation of South Korea’s skeleton emperor Yun Sung-bin was staged with thousands of cheering fans who braved the cold to watch their new Olympic hero receive his gold medal on Friday.

South Korea’s queen of winter sports, retired figure skater Kim Yuna, was earlier among the fans at the Pyeongchang Games who cheered as Yun, with his trademark “Iron Man” helmet, shot like a bullet along the ice to become South Korea’s first Olympic champion in men’s skeleton.

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Source: The Guradian

Australia's coalition in crisis as PM goes to war with deputy over affair

Saturday 11:47 GMT

In one corner is the deputy prime minister and leader of the Nationals, Barnaby Joyce, a bush hat-wearing, celebrity dog-deporting, rural politician who’s been busted for having an affair.

The two men’s uneasy relationship exploded in public earlier this week when Turnbull spoke of Joyce’s “shocking error of judgment” in having an affair with Vikki Campion, when she was working in his office. In the other is Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal prime minister, a sophisticated millionaire lawyer from Sydney’s eastern suburbs who defeated the British government in the infamous Spycatcher case and is often referred to on Twitter with a top hat emoji.

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Florida school shooting suspect investigated by state after he posted video on social media cutting himself

Today 00:36 GMT

The teenager accused of carrying out a school shooting in Florida Wednesday was investigated by the state’s child welfare agency after he cut himself in a video he posted to social media.

The Miami Herald obtained records from Florida’s Department of Children and Families and reported Saturday that Nikolas Cruz, 19, posted a video on Snapchat, a social media site, showing him cutting his arms in 2016.

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