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Donald Trump makes last-ditch pitch to Republicans to back healthcare bill

Today 15:40 GMT

Donald Trump made a closing pitch to restive Republicans wary of their party’s proposed healthcare overhaul as conservatives steel for a showdown one day before a planned vote on the bill.

In the final hours before the House was expected to vote, Trump summoned wavering – and obstinate – Republicans to the White House while another group met with Vice-President Mike Pence. After the meeting, conservative opponents of the healthcare plan recommended Republican leadership should “start over” on a new proposal.

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Houses of Parliament attack: four dead including police officer

Today 15:40 GMT

Four people have died, including a police officer, and at least 20 people have been injured in a major terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament, the Metropolitan police have confirmed.

That includes the police officer protecting parliament and one man we believe to be the attacker, who was shot by a police firearms officer.

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Why People Continue to Believe Objectively False Things

Today 14:41 GMT

The Boston College political scientist Emily Thorson conducted a series of studies showing that exposure to a news article containing a damaging allegation about a fictional political candidate caused people to rate the candidate more negatively even when the allegation was corrected and people believed it to be false.

For instance, Mr. Trump disavowed the “birther” myth in September 2016, conceding that Mr. Obama was in fact born in Hawaii.

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North Korea missile tests fail seconds after launch, US officials say

Today 12:54 GMT

A North Korean ballistic missile test ended in failure when it exploded five seconds after launch, two US officials tell Fox News.

North Korea attempted to launch an intermediate-range Musudan missile, the first attempted launch of this type of missile since President Trump took office. "The missile blew up five seconds after launch," said one official, who had seen satellite imagery of the launch showing a heavily damaged mobile launcher on a runway.

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EU to discuss UK and US laptop bans on Middle East flights

Today 15:39 GMT

European security experts will meet in Brussels next week to assess the restrictions on laptop bans imposed by the UK and US on flights from some Middle Eastern and north African countries with the European commission calling for more information on the intelligence behind the British ban.

Any security measure should be non-discriminatory and not amount to any protectionism in disguise, nor be driven by commercial interests.”

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Google advertising row spreads to US brands

Today 15:38 GMT

Despite Google’s efforts to contain the row, which began in the UK earlier this week, it appears to have now caught the attention of the US advertising industry - creating a huge problem for Google as it seeks to reassure brands their ad spend is not funding hate groups.

In response to the latest boycott from the US brands, Google said on Wednesday: “We’ve begun an extensive review of our advertising policies and have made a public commitment to put in place changes that give brands more control over where their ads appear.” “We’re also raising the bar for our ads policies to further safeguard our advertisers’ brands.”

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'Power Rangers' won't topple 'Beauty and the Beast' at the box office

Today 10:01 GMT

This weekend’s release of “Power Rangers,” about five teenagers who must save the world from an ancient alien menace, will be a key test of the franchise’s staying power following a year full of promotional efforts. However, all signs indicate that the big-budget adaptation will be no match for another 1990s nostalgic spectacle — Disney’s blockbuster live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

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'America First' cannot mean 'America, Go It Alone,' top EU official cautions

Today 13:43 GMT

Interviewed at the EU delegation headquarters in downtown Washington, Mogherini nonetheless cautioned that Trump and his aides cannot mistake an “America first” policy, which she called “fine,” for an “America go it alone” policy. “I think this would be a mistake, first of all, for American interests – and I know that many Americans think the same, including within the administration,” Mogherini said.

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Deadly attacks in London, Paris, Berlin and beyond have shaken Europe in recent years

Today 15:40 GMT

The London attack, which left several people dead and many more injured, was the latest in a series of prominent assaults in European cities in recent years.

Twelve people were killed when two brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi, armed with assault rifles and other weapons, forced their way into the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Salhi was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder linked to terrorism.

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EU's chief negotiator sets three conditions for Brexit trade talks to start

Today 14:41 GMT

The EU’s chief divorce negotiator, Michel Barnier, is calling for an “orderly” Brexit and insisting Britain must settle its EU debts and resolve uncertainty for European citizens before talks can begin on a trade deal. In only his second public statement on Brexit since he took up the position last autumn, Barnier will stress that the UK must “settle its accounts” as it leaves the EU, a slapdown of British claims that the UK could leave without paying a penny.

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W.B.C. Championship Will Be a Study in Contrasts

Today 15:40 GMT

Those differences will be on display on a broad stage on Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium, where a study in contrasts awaits between a team that has been the life of the party — and one that is arriving late to it.

When the United States plays Puerto Rico in the championship Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium, the coronation may have to wait. Puerto Rico’s blond hair and over-the-top celebrations are the accouterments of an ironclad determination to bring a brief salve to a place that is coping with economic strife.

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House Intelligence chair says ‘it’s possible’ Trump’s communications were intercepted during transition

Today 15:40 GMT

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes went to the White House on Wednesday afternoon to personally brief President Trump about intelligence he says he has seen regarding surveillance of foreign nationals during the presidential transition.

He stated that U.S. intelligence agencies may have picked up communications involving Trump as part of court-approved surveillance of foreign intelligence targets in the period between Trump’s election and his inauguration.

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Federal budget 2017: Big investment in affordable housing, nothing to cool red-hot markets

Today 15:40 GMT

The federal government is investing $11.2 billion over 11 years in affordable housing, it announced in its 2017 budget Wednesday.

A new National Housing Fund, with about $5 billion over 11 years, will expand lending for new rental housing construction, provide temporary funding to social housing providers, and help social housing providers transition to “more efficient and financially sustainable operating models.”

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Police: Suspect in NYC midtown stabbing wanted to kill a black person

Today 15:40 GMT

NEW YORK -- Police say a man who turned himself in after a deadly stabbing in Midtown Manhattan told investigators he came to New York from Maryland to kill a black person, reports CBS New York.

CBS New York reports the suspect told police he’s an Army veteran who does not like black people, and traveled to New York with the purpose of killing a black person. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack was “an assault” on the city’s inclusiveness and diversity and calls Caughman’s death “an unspeakable human tragedy.”

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Selloff in U.S. stocks set to pick up again as ‘Trump trade’ dwindles

Today 10:01 GMT

Wall Street stocks were poised to build on the prior day’s sharp slump Wednesday, as investors grew concerned that the Trump administration will fail to deliver on its pro-business promises.

U.S. stocks led a global rally after Trump was elected in November, boosted by hopes the new president would introduce measures to lift economic growth and lower taxes. “Combine that with [The Wall Street Journal], a notably right-leaning publication, claiming that if Trump doesn’t ‘show more respect for the truth’ then ‘most Americans may conclude he’s a fake president’ and the optimism that caused investors to flock to the major indices has been seriously undermined by, well, Trump himself,” Campbell said in a note.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte